Tuesday, February 15, 2005

You broke it!

I borrowed a movie from a guy here for making a copy, to take it home. I could not make a copy so I left it with him and told to copy it for me. A few days back, he had said that 'it was not his job' to make copies for others, this time, he agreed. He puts the CD in the drive, opens it and plays and no sound comes out. When I go there, he accuses me of 'corrupting' the CD. Earlier there was sound, now there was no sound, so I broke it. I tried hard to explain to him that it is impossible to remove just the sound track from a VCD. He adamantly refuses to listen to me and says he watched it last night and it was working fine, but he gave it to me and now it was not working, so I broke it. He then tells me how responsible I should have been and all that crap.
'Boss, I gave a CD to you, you should have returned it properly, you broke it!'
I told him to play the CD again for me. Indeed there was no sound. I asked him if he switched on the speakers. He said he was not an idiot. I checked out the player and not surprisingly, the mute button was pressed down. I released it, and sound came roaring back. He asks me(!) 'who could have done that?'
I have worked with some computer science students who were even sillier than he was! If you want to curse me, say that I will work for a techno-impaired boss for eternity.

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