Saturday, September 18, 2004


Umm... Yeah...! we now have reached the magic number three. I dont know when it started but I always do everything in threes - group in threes, buy three of almost everything, eat chocolates in threes. Maybe because there are three division in a finger. Using this method, you can cound upto 14 on one hand. That gives a new meaning to a handful! I was always fascinated by the number three. The two major religions that I was exposed to, Christianity and Hinduism, both have the Trinity. The most common magic square is three. There is the past, the present and the future. A triangle is the most rigid structure that can be made. Who hasn't rode the tricycle? There is even a cute song cute song about the number three. Then there is the Project Trinity Project Trinity. After exploding the first of the invention to end all inventions, Dr. Oppenheimer quoted (with mistakes) the Bhagwath Gita. Three A-bombs were exploded in all before the second world war came to an end. One was the testing (yes, only one was tested), and two used on tens of thousands of innocents. Thus came the expression "Nuke 'em", and "Bomb them back to the stone age". Can anyone say "America has weapons of mass destruction, America is a threat to the world" and invade it?

Friday, September 17, 2004

Monkey Tale

I am testing publishing through email now. I just noticed my profile
now. According to the birthday I have given to blogger, it found out
that I was born in the year of the monkey. I think this is according
to the Chinese calendar. Maybe that's why I behave like I do. Even in
my childhood days, my uncles and neighbours used to call me a
two-tailed monkey. That means I am twice as potent as a monkey. The
premise is that longer the tail of a monkey, more mischievous it is.
Maybe that's why you can see the monkey antics of the rhesus monkey
and the apes are just lazy. I upheld this theory by staying up half my
waking up time in a nearby tree. What am I to do? I was born in the
year of the monkey! Ciao.

The Rantings start...

This is my first blog... technically first. I wrote something just a few minutes back and lost them... with the blogging thing at its peak, i too have decided to jump onto the bandwagon and get to know what it is all about. I was a computer science student first, so this should have ideally been "hello world". but none of those geeky stuff... only my rantings a la George Costanza, my favourite characters.

What can I talk about now? Manojar - This is what my father used to call me when I was a kid. This was in reference to one Iranian who used to stay across the street. He was named Manucher. He came to India with his family and his brother's family sometimes after Sa-damn started murdering the Iranians. I dont remember much about him, but I remember he was a jovial man and very friendly to kids.

Seinfeld once talked about the one shop across your house which never stays with one person. It changes a lot. This house was like that. People moved in and out every 3 years or so. First were Manucher's family. They are the first family that I can remember of staying there. They stayed for a couple of years before a boxer moved in. He was a strong man... he used to ride the 'bullet' motorcycle with ease. It was a sight seeing him roll out the motorcycle, put his legs across and start it with a swift kick. This was the heaviest motorcycle and the most powerful. It was the kind only the strongest of the strong used to ride and was used exclusively by the army, the police and politicians' henchmen. He and his wife were very very nice to the neighbourhood kids, giving crackers, sweets, and other goodies to us. They had a kid, who had a fragile heart unfortunately.

They too moved out after a few years and another kid moved in. He was somewhat obnoxious, always boasting about stuff he bought from malaysia or singapore or some damned 'foreign' country. This was before the economy was opened up and anything foreign was very prestigious. This irritated the neighbourhood kids a lot. they too stayed here for a few years and moved nearby.

After them and the next guy, a lot of people made it their home for a short time. After lying vacant for a long time, a Sri Lankan bought it. He had come after fighting between LTTE and the SL Government started. He was a shrewd man who had an acumen for money. He became a building contractor. He started with nearby houses and then made it big. Now he owns a few houses in the vicinity. He spruced up the whole place and used it (again) as a guest house for his extended family. They were probably the longest to stay there.

Finally, about 3 years before, some family moved in. I know nothing about them except there are two kids, a girl and a guy, who never come out to play, probably studying. Now, I am 24 and dont expect to play with them, but still, how much can they study?

A year back, I moved to Indore for my MBA, and dont know what is happening down there. Last time I saw, the same two kids were staying there.

Man, I thought I cant write two words and I have written a whole page.

To anyone reading this, Ciao. Hoping to write soon.