Thursday, June 16, 2005

American Jets, Iranian Gas

USA is trying to make IAF buy F16 and/or F18 jet fighters from it's companies. It assures us it won't let any sanctions prevent the delivery of those jets after a deal is made. Now, We are being threatened by none other than Condaleeza Rice herself about sanctions if we proceed with gas pipeline from Iran. Now, if the government decides to go ahead with the pipeline, and sanctions are placed (because the USA doesn't like Iran), would they stop Boeing and/or Lockheed Martin from selling those aeroplanes to us? What will happen to their promises of them being the 'most reliable suppliers,' who want a 'longlasting friendship?' How the hell can they deal with this cognitive dissonance? Would Pakistan be affected inspite of it being a 'major non-NATO ally?' I guess they will be given more armaments for trying to help Iran 'return to the mainstream.'