Saturday, February 10, 2007

Linkedin Bug

I got one invite from some guy, and when I clicked on the invite, instead of going to MY linkedin page, it accidently logged in with his name, and showed me everything of his!! I don't want someone to access my stuff when I send them an invitation. Hope the folks at Linkedin correct it soon!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

160.9344 kilometers and runnin'

FYI, this afternoon, I missed all the buses to my workplace and decided to go by bike. I wanted to reach there ASAP. Suddenly on the way, one police uncle suddenly stepped on the road and signaled me to stop. Why? I didn't know. I was going at a moderate speed, had all my papers OK, didn't jump any signal - in fact, there were no signals anywhere on that road. Then the pig came near me, checked my license, the bike papers, the registration; everything were A1. In the meanwhile, another pig comes over, switches off my engine and takes the keys away. I couldn't say anything. #1 tells I was speeding, going 50kmph when the limit was 40kmph. Nowhere was this limit posted anywhere!! He tells me, his ins will book a case against me, and won't let me go till I paid the fine, or I can pay 400 rupees and go immediately. I tell him I don't have that much money. #2 hears "don't have" and gleefully asks "no insurance?" That was a bigger case, worth a thousand rupees. I didn't really want to get involved in this shit. After all, they are traffic pigs and who knows what case can they write? But I knew this was not about speeding, it was about the money, honey. I take out my purse and tell him again, I don't have the money he asks for, #2 grabs my purse, sees there are two hundreds and three tens in it, takes the two hundreds and tells me to 'keep the change.' I didn't really know how to react to this situation. So I just got back my bike keys, started it and tested then and there whether my bike could really go 0 to 80 in 10 seconds - I did it in under 10. After all, I've paid for it.