Friday, October 12, 2007

Abominable creature, I am!!

Reliance doesn't want to do open business with me, because...

A rather unusual matter was brought up at the AGM by a shareholder. If Reliance had large retail plans, then would the company be also selling meats, poultry and fish, a staple at comprehensive super markets?

This would be abhorrent to a large section of the (Gujarati family promoted) company’s vegetarian shareholders who came from the Gujarat-Rajasthan belt in the country, said this shareholder.

And we know, as vegetarians, Gujjus are peaceloving people, and are highly principled - they respect all people irrespective of religion, caste, colour, or food preference, have high principles to uphold, don't do anything illegal, and their businesses are ethical and force other businesses to be non-discriminatory.

Hmmm, what will Reliance guys do? Effectively give out a lucrative, high-margin business to others, or face the wrath of those peace-loving Jains again?

But, while the name ‘Reliance’ will not be associated with non-veg, Mr Ambani added that the company’s retail operations would still “do that business,” either through a subsidiary or by some other means. “There is an integrated India,” he reminded his audience, implying that there are different cultures in the country and that business should cater to all.