Monday, August 25, 2008

Free Wifi Hotspots in Chennai

Those searching for Wifi Hotspots in Chennai and landing on this page, if you know of/find any other place, please post that here.

Are there any wifi hotspots in chennai? Where i can go with my laptop and hangout?

I tried the one in Ascendas ITPC. But the guys there told me it's monday to friday only , though i got some decent connection for some time on saturday also. I had to buy some overpriced food to sit in their food court.

I heard there are hotspots in the Airport and Central station. Obviously, i can't go to the airport just for wifi. How about central?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Chennai, then and now

Chennai 1925

Chennai 2008

I was walking from Park Town station to Park station when I stopped and remembered the vintage photo. I tried to capture central station like it was in the picture, but looks my memory failed me to get a close replica.

For sale, fraud

If a 2 rupee coin can be sold for 300 times its value, because it contains an elephant, then jesus is my uncle. Ganesha is an elephant, ergo, all elephants are ganesha? No wonder we worship cows and monkeys and elephants and snakes.