Saturday, December 31, 2005

Not Benefited

My boss frequently tells me things like how I have certain benefits that he, at his level, doesn't get to 'enjoy.' These 'benefits' are small things like a small overtime for staying half a day more in the office, and a day off if you work on weekends. He always tells me like these are very important things that he has to forgo because of his position. What he doesn't tell is that he has other bigger benefits that the low men don't even know existed.

The salaries, benefits, and bonuses of the biggies are multiple times bigger than what the wee willies get. With a bigger pay package, bigger benefits, bigger workspace, and bigger everything, he has nothing to complain. To be fair, he has bigger responsibilities too. Unlike other bosses, he doesn't want to approve these expenses - he sees me work till he leaves, knows that I come an hour before everybody trickles in, but still has trouble approving my expenses. How many bundles of paper, office supplies, and toilet paper rolls should I help myself to before I am even? Maybe I should 'work' like the lazy bastard who has been assigned to me, and get praised a lot with a good performance appraisal for coming in late, just browsing the internet, chatting, and taking hour-long fag breaks!

My boss has a nice flat by the sea in a posh locality, which I can only dream of living in. Sometimes I ask him if there is anything vacant in his building, or close to it, just to see his face change from wheatish to a pale greyish brown.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Late Manojar

In the last 9 months, I've done quite a bit of work that has never seen the light of the day. Like muslims locked up in Guantanamo Bay, some of my work is locked up in the bossman's computer and/or desk for his review. When the work finally gets reviewed, the bossman says that 'the closure time is long and has to be reigned in.'
double-u tee eff!