Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Broadband and construction boom

After much consideration, I have decided to get a big pipe internet connection in my home. No, this is not a celebration post but a crib post. Yeah!

Contacted a lot of ISPs here trying to get a broadband connection to my home. As it happens only in India, blocks behind and in front of my block, and the blocks flanking mine get it but not mine. Of the only two operaters willing to give me a connection, one doesn't want my account it seems. Repeated calls go unanswered. In a weird sort, the cable division of it picks up my call after a couple of rings but the internet division does not. The other guy says my connection will take a couple of days for 'processing my applicaion' - it has to go to Surat before coming here. The dude in the metro region has trouble getting a broadband connection but dudes in places considered far-away-from-the-city have five or six to choose from! Bah!!

Also a lot has changed in the last 1 year, there is a construction boom, like we saw before and during the dotcom boom. Maybe we haven't come out of that cycle itself of the construction cycles are now shorter. While I am happy that there will be plenty of 'foreign' jobs in the next few years, the dip after may be 4 or 5 years might be bad. Just remember what happened after that y2k craze ended. Hmm!