Monday, February 14, 2005

Valentine's Day

One of the most stupid festivals every celebrated on this place, one the most overrated, overhyped, commercialized pseudo-festivals. Pagans celebrate a night of orgy and drunken revelry, church doesn't like it, so Pope changes this day to celebrate the death of a saint who was also a courier and killed by the Romans. Did they account for the days lost when the Gregorian calender was adopted or the days not kept track of in the Julian calendar? It doesn't matter anyway, Jesus was not born in December, still we celebrate his 'birthday'. Since there is love all around the air, there are a few very romantic stories observed by your's truly to share.

Story 1:
This is set in a billion dollar software company's office in a place ruled by a bajari. These 2 young people from different places are brought to work in the same team. After a few days, the boy and the girl fall in love with each other. They are inseperable, roaming all over the city, going places together, eating out of the same plate, talking sweet nothings, etc. There is a catch, the girl is set to get married to her sweetheart from college. An substory is that the sweetheart was her college professor who fell in love with her when he was teaching her. Back to the story, they tell others that they are not lovers really, but just really good friends and the whole world is perverted to cast them in that light.

Story 2:
Hunky boy and bunch of friends sit together on the small walls of college and pass comments at passing girls. Boy meets girl on the internet. First comes friendship then comes love. An intense relationship develops and frustration develops as girl is halfway across the world. Boy thinks he is going to move to USA for MS, so patience is the key. Boy brags with the friends of the boy everyday. Friends are very happy for the boy. One fine day, one guy forwards an email from the boy to friends and boy saying it is not a girl but a boy. Friends laugh and say, ' we know, we wuz the gurl!'

Story 3:
Boy has many girlfriends, takes them out frequently, makes them pay for everything.

Story 4+: Not put because I am a chicken.


Adaengappa !! said...

Experience speaks??

Anonymous said...

Valentine's Day is not a holiday.

Lumbergh-in-training said...

Ooops! changed to festival.
Now, identify yourself.

Anonymous said...

”Romeo n Juliet introduced it,
Devdas and Paru Suffered for it,
Laila and Majnu died for it,
So My Dear Friends Beware of it."

Anonymous said...
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Andrew said...

Love your blogs (the ones in English, anyway)I've linked to you on my site