Friday, September 12, 2008

Hindi as the "National Language"?

What's your thought on the whole "national language" debate in India? Any discussion forum talking about this issue is polarized into two groups. One group says the national language is Hindi and it is said so in the Constitution. The other group says there is no national language (or 22 national languages) and that's what is mentioned in the Constitution. Irrespective of the facts, what are your thought's?

Just for the record:
According to the official version of the Constitution, there is no mention of a/22 national language(s). However, there is a directive for development of Hindi...

Note: I am copy-pasting all the comments received in the comments section. It is meant to simulate yahoo answers, where the question was originally asked.

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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Anu Shakti Indica-Americana's Open Letter

something good on rediff...

I am just one day old, I am newly born Nuke Power in India by the NSG approval and Indo-US congress marital agreement. In just one day I felt so many critisism about my birth, even my legs has been stretched from both supporters and opponents. I am happy as I am the only child born by male mr. Singh, who was driven by female mrs Gandhi as well as NRI Mr Bush.

As some community and party like BJP and CPI-M are not happy with my birth because they all actually want to be guardian or parent of me.

Today, I am just small, if my parents (Singh & Gandhi) will allow me then in my young age I will only serve the people or party who had supported of my birth. Rest all opponent will not get any of my service. I think this would be the best punishment for them.

As here with my first letter I am warning all the party/people/individual, whoever is not happy with my birth, they will never get light from me.

Everybody are fighting and pulling others leg but none are thinking about my growth and usage. I know if I will be used by wrong hand then I can be a Bomb and I can even destroy entire world. Whether I will be terrorist Nuke-Bomb or your life by Nuke-Power, it all depends on you.