Saturday, February 19, 2005


Along with my 2 years here, I will be shutting down my computer also. It has been running for over 28 days now (lost track of it) and now the software used to find out the uptime has begun showing negative numbers. As of now, it shows -23 days, -573 hours, -34409 minutes (seconds also negative).

Thus ends the 2 year long vacation, which I used to buy the time required before I figured out what to do in life. I found out, IT is my passion and I want to go into software development and want to stay there for life. I thank the professors who helped me find out what I wanted, and the great support provided by the students here.

The next two words are not about me, and may not be proper grammatically, but holds a special meaning to me and everyone here - I ROCKS!!!


Andrew said...

if i can ever get my lazy ass around to it, ill post a permanent link on my sidebar

The guy who is named after a fruit! :) said...

Good luck man!
With everything in life!

Govar said...

Good luch machan. All the best for everything you do. Keep bllogging.. and keep in touch!

Vasanth said...

Its always sad when you have to leave a place.. But life is all about moving on... So good luck for you and keep blogging :)