Thursday, February 16, 2006


Went to see Rang De Basanti last night. I didn't know why so much hubbub over that movie. It was an average bollywood movie, with hindi speaking europeans, glorification of vandalism, violence, drinking, and all those vices, DIY patriotism, etc.
There are four friends, and another one. The another one is an airforce pilot who gets killed in one of those MiG-21s. The defense minister is supposed to be responsible for buying crappy products for those flying machines but he throws aspersions on the another one's ability. The friends protest this when the police break up their heads and puts the pilot's mother into coma. All these happen after they get all patriotic after 'acting' in a movie made by a colonial policeman's grand-daughter.
The saddest part of the movie was when these four friends were compared to the freedom fighter Bhagat Singh and his friends! They died for a reason - to take revenge on General Dyer, the Butcher of Amritsar. These four die only because their friend died. Never mind they vandalising national monuments, bribing policemen, endorsing coca-cola, etc.
Fortunately, no one got jingoistic during/after this movie, as it happened during Mangal Pandey.
Jai Hind!

Post V-day blues

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Yahoo! once! more!

Yahoo! again!, this time with their India! Privacy! Policy!
  • Yahoo! will send personally identifiable information about you to other companies or people when:
    • We respond to requests from any Indian or foreign government, security, defence, revenue, regulatory or other authority, agency or officer;
    • We respond to subpoenas, court orders or legal process;
  • Scenario 1: Someone in the party in China decide to arrest me and torture me just for fun, and they say this post reveals I am an Indian spy, and wants Yahoo! to hand over my details
  • Scenario 2: Jayalalitha Jayaram gets pissed off and sends her thugs in khakhis after me. The police in the first state in India to solve a crime under the IT Act 2000 tells Yahoo! that I am plotting to do something wrong
  • Scenario 3: The Indian government decides all Tamils are terrorists because LTTE are Tamil and there are Tamils in India
  • Scenario 4: The honourable justices in the courts of law in India decide this is an obscene blog and decides to "silence" me
  • Scenario 5: PMK and DPI band up together again, and take offense against certain posts, and decide I outraged Tamil culture and coincidentally, the party in power in Tamil Nadu at that time concurs with them

If any of these 5 scenarios were to come true, then I am in deep shit.

Valentine's day activities: a summary

Today evening I was chatting with my friend. Here is snip of the chat (hope he does not mind).

me: hi da machi
my friend: hello
me: how was your valentine's day?
my friend: lots of proposals da
me: wow!
my friend: and I rejected all of those, as usual ;-)...

the conversation continued and we ended with discussing the differences between project management and product management (what will happen of me if I am like this?!)

Ok, coming to the point, I know that most of the fellow bloggers are very much eager to know what I did on this day!

Here you go!

7:00 AM: Alarm in my mobile phone wakes me up, switch it off and go back to sleep

7:45 AM: I woke up (no on was there to make tea for me)

8:20 AM: Late to catch the bus by 5 minutes, take an autorickshaw to work

9:10 AM: Reach office late by 10 minutes, fortunately, sneaked in with some managers without a late mark

10:00 AM: The canteen guy makes my usual lemon tea for me. Tea is bitter than usual (good start to this day)

1:00 PM: My highly promiscuous roommate sends a message saying that the passes he had to Enigma club were not available - he was taking his colleague who had a few hotties by his side. Another lonely night at home.

6:00 PM: Start work

8:00 PM: Advice some developers here to go spend time with their romantic interests, but they don't listen to me.

9:00 PM: Start walking home?