Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Hope...

I Hope Samata Party loses so badly in the elections, that they won't thinking of contesting elections again.

We opposed the goons of Raj Thackeray - he was fighting the correct evil, but not in the correct way.

Idiotic quotes by a moron standing for elections in Mumbai

"We will definitely make an effort to emulate Chennai and Saudi Arabia's systems of purifying sea water and making it fit to drink." -- Not sooner, he also said "Machines create loss of jobs". How is he going to achieve this -- by manually making people from Bihar move all over the coast to purify sea water?

He also vomited, "And we are not saying that English shouldn't be taught in schools -- we are only saying that all government work should take place in our national language, Hindi." Bollocks to that. Hindi should be banned anywhere outside BIMARU states.

Continuing his verbal diarrhoea, he said "But if we computerise things in the villages also, people won't have any work." What he meant was, he won't be able to fill more people from his state as pan-Indian clerks.

I hope someone throws one truck-load of shoes at each of these guys guys, along with the truck. Or, make that two.

What the great UP-wallah Nehru wanted, these guys are trying to achieve.