Wednesday, January 31, 2007

pakis rule!!

pakistan is the biggest ally in the war of terror, i mean, war against terror, and also during war against those fukcin pakis got a lot of air space and hence lot of mind space...
just look at the following media examples - one hit movie, and one hit comedy series, one hit drama series
mrs doubtfire, when "mrs doubtfire" talks with the puppet at the end of movie, the puppet asks if they speak "pakistani" in england and she replies that is one of the languages spoken there. the fact is, there is no pakistani language, like a hindustani language. hindustani, the last language to be created in india; hindustani - visualised in devanagri script for hindoos and in arabic style script for moslems; hindoo version became hindi and moslems' version became urdu; now hindi is being shoved down the throats of all indians, all in the name of "national unity"; if you oppose that, then that's because you are not patriotic, and you are ashamed of india, and you are a commie follower of mccaulay's education system devised to destroy the indian prosperity, because mccaulay went around all over india and couldn't see even one beggar, so he wanted to destroy india. the reality is, everybody looked the same that time of the year, annual famine festival, you, he thought even beggars were just ordinary indians.
even baboo bhat, with an obviously hindu name, is shown as a hard working pakistani (!), and there is a pakistani doctor.
in west wing, a war starts between india and pakistan - even though history shows otherwise in 3 previous wars, india is shown as the aggressor here. the president martin sheen goes ahead, murders the nehru-jacket wearing indian ambassador and shows india he is tough, and the bloody indians stop the war.

news at around 10

some new items since 1-1-7 with bloody indians in them

1) jade goody called shilpa shetty a f-ing indian
worthless news, worthless program, worthless shilpa shetty (unless she is shaking her booty in some song)
2) india gets american made military ship.
so did germany before world war 2, iraq, iran, taliban in afghanistan, and a host of other "nations" and look at their condition now. well, they did not get ships, but got gunships and guns.
3) tata wins over corus.
hope they have the liquidity to handle all the weakenings in the future. this shouldn't become a phyrric victory. i dont wanna say tata bye bye.
4) after a very long time, a eastindiaman comes to india, and anchors off madras, just like its granddaddy.
i wonder why there were no protests by our deshbakth, your friendly neighbourhood patriotic, sangh-fucking-parivar folks.
5) putin sees russian arms in new delhi, republic day parade.
he must've felt back home in moscow, just the crowd has brownies in it instead of whiteys.
6) india routs west indies 3-1, with the people pleasers performing perfectly everywhere, except the only backward place in the whole of shining india - the land of the lungiwala, the home of the tigers, the glorious place where people are cheap because they still use 50p coins (according to the true indians - north indians, in orkut) - madras chepauk ground. there were a lot of mounties on patrol, havent seen them anywhere outside the beach and egmore stables. i saw two policemen on horses and was reminded of a small joke.

On Christmas morning, a cop on horseback was sitting at a traffic light, and next to him was a kid on his shiny new bike. The cop said to the kid, "Nice bike you got there. Did Santa bring that to you?"
The kid said, "Yeah."
The cop said, "Well, next year, tell Santa to put a taillight on that bike." The cop then proceeded to issue the kid a $20 bicycle safety violation ticket. The kid took the ticket.
Before he rode off he said, "By the way, that's a nice horse you got there. Did Santa bring that to you?"
Humoring the kid, the cop said, "Yeah, he sure did."
The kid said, "Well, next year tell Santa to put the prick underneath the horse, instead of on top."