Monday, February 14, 2005

Privacy and mobile phone cameras

Possibly the first psychoboss story from my first job and probably the last to be posted from here. There are too many articles now coming out on invasion of privacy and mobile phone cameras. There was also a compilation of mobile phone pictures taken in a classroom which I was forced to remove.

My former boss had a mobile phone camera which he flaunted all the time. One day he saw my pathetic 1/2 year old Motorola C350E phone and told me why I did not buy a camera phone. I told him I did not see the need for it. He then went on to explain why a camera phone was so great.

He: You are walking down the road and you see a beautiful girl, what will you do?
Me: I wouldn't do anything Sir
He: A camera phone will be very useful at this point, you just take a picture for later...
Me: But that's wrong!
He: So what? You look at girls, why can't you have their photo?
Me: That's invasion of privacy!
He: Then even looking at them is invasion of privacy. Why do you think they dress so nicely?

He then showed me the pictures of a few girls/women he took and stored in his phone. It was an impressive collection. He was married too! Apart from that, he was very helpful with my work. He told me of the ways I could enjoy trips away from the office, take full advantage of the expense account, etc. Sadly, I was very naive to take advantage of this.

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