Thursday, July 21, 2005

the smiling toaster :)

News 1: USA Agrees to'civilian' nuclear cooperation with India
News 2: India may buy $5 bn military equipment from US

Dilbert says:

If you don't get that smiley face on the toaster, India's first nuclear fission explosion was allegedly code-named the Smiling Buddha. Rather, it was reported that Indira Gandhi was informed that the Buddha has smiled after the event.

When did Dilbert turn political (apart from offshoring bashing?)

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Some people make covers of some famous songs. Sometimes they are crappy, sometimes they are better than the original. Sometimes, they are funny, sometimes they are bizarre - like this version of NWA's Straight outta Compton, by Nina Gordon. I was left speechless!


There is this story in Sun, about how some lady is selling pictures of her bathing children on e-bay. What is the ad that I see just below that picture? A photo of a family with three children in a pool!

Another one one e-bay - some guy selling a cricket ball signed by Michael Vaughn. Calling him "Ashes winning Captain!!!!" is premature and seems farfetched. The closeup of the ball says "made in India".

world cup 2007

The 2007 world cup schedule has been released. India has been put in the easiest group. If we cannot move into the super-8's, I have nothing to say against them except "off with their heads".

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

three suns

Scientists have discovered a planet with three suns. Big deal! They must come stay for a few days in Madras, they might be motivated enough to think the earth has other suns too!
CNN Article

Monday, July 18, 2005

irregular combatants, not indians

Indians Beware of what you say! Anything you say against the world's only free country with democracy will land you in Guantanamo Bay or Diego Garcia or some unnamed place. Be afraid, the world's big brother is watching you, right in your homes, at your work, when you are in the toilet. You can't run anywhere, you can't hide anywhere. Sovereignty was a thing of the past. Welcome to Malabar Front.