Saturday, July 30, 2005


I am in the office now, just another guy and the security guy to give me company. My boss has not come in yet. And it is still raining here which means my room might get flooded today too!

Prophet Mohammed

A few days back, there was this report of some people arrested in UP for publishing a picture of Prophet Mohammed. I don't know why printing an image of him is banned.
I got this picture from a history website.
One more from a religion website.

I would like to get my hands on that magazine. Can anyone 'stumbling' upon this and/or reading this tell me why it is blasphemy? Is it coz I is black?

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Mumbai Flooded

People must have read/heared/saw something about floods in Mumbai in the news. They say it was a depression around Santa Cruz that caused this rain and almost a metre of rains in half a day led to 'floods'. I was stuck in my office the whole night of the rains and it was better than returning home to sleep in a room full of water. Even a slight drizzle causes my room to get wet and 8 hours of a wall of water falling from the sky ensured some things were floating in my room. Roads were jammed, telephone networks were clogged, utilities were cut off. Very much like rains back home in Chennai. The company provided food for us. I was expecting worse when I went back home in the morning, but things were not so bad. However, when I was mopping up the floor, I saw some centipedes running out. I spent the night fearing the walls might cave in on me. Now, I have to do something about that mouldy smell. I did get a two day holiday - yesterday and the day before. Now, my deadlines remain the same. While most of the mobile telephone lines were down, my faithful CDMA was up all the while - allowing me to talk even with the feeblest signal. CDMA rocks, but Reliance (my service provider) sucks! When I told my father, he was not even slightly worried about the rains - he had seen much worse situations - he used to live close to a river which overflow every year.