Saturday, May 09, 2009

Tata Apartments - Nano or No-No

The project is over-over-hyped for 3 reasons

1) 100 kilometres away from the city, 50 kilometres away from the nearest suburban train terminus, 80 kilometres away from the centre of the city

2) with an average car speed of 40 kmph till Virar, and 20 kmph from Virar will have a 3.5 hour commute each way -- 7 hours wasted just on the roads. That's a whole work day!!

3) So far away from the city, and still someone has to shell out 1500 per sq. ft. -- for a 250 sq. ft. apartment?

No one in their right minds should go for that.

In the picture, the red marker is Boisar, where the project is to come up, and Mumbai is far far away!!

On the other hand, had they come up with the same apartments atleast within Virar limits, then it would've been a good option. Or, if the apartments were not directed towards those people who commute to Mumbai everyday, it would have been much better. Why centre everything in India around Mumbai and Delhi?

And the media (including websites) shamelessly think this is a great idea!!