Thursday, July 20, 2017

standard talking points of a bhakt - even those who are quick to say they are not BJP or Modi supporter

1) Did you say the same when Congress was in power? [without knowing what I was saying]

2) Modi is respected worldwide, the whole world was laughing at Manmohan Singh [without providing any proof of that]

3) the economy is doing well only now [while facts say otherwise]

4) how do you expect 60  years of damage done to be fixed in 3 years? [discounts the fact of having world-class institutes, huge power projects, dams, etc, winning 3 wars with a belligerent neighbour, being the IT department of the whole world, how much percapita income increased between 1998 and 2013, how much the GDP grew at the same period; a decent economy has been run down the drain in just 3 years, need more? OMG!]

5) Lots of masterstrokes/masterstrikes [believing talks that come from photoshopped whatsapp forwards, and being blind to the reality]

6) you are talking like this because you are a congress supporter [as if Congress is the only alternative, and using congress supporter as an insult]

7) aadhaar should be treated like SSN in US, why are you worried only about aadhaar? [countries like the US have an independent judiciary and rule of law is still prevelant over there]

8) if you are worried about privacy, you should stop using mobile phone, facebook, google [don't they have rules about what data they can collect and how they can use it? they won't release data to anyone without a court order. with this regime, they are the police, judge, jury, and executioner]

9) people should be controlled [oh wow, that came out of nowhere, right]

10) aadhaar is needed to prevent abuse of benefits [without providing proof of validity of this claim or without offering any numbers]

11) aadhaar is needed to track terrorists [again, not knowing how]

12) India is being the frontrunner in this aadhaar, why do we always have to consider the west as a benchmark? [the benchmark seems to be other authoritarian countries]

13) all developed countries already have GST [US doesn't; other developed countries have no tax on produce & essential commodities; wait, should we look at the west as a benchmark or not?]

14) GST is not really too high, the overall rates have been reduced [doesn't matter that rate is still too high for essential commodities]

15) demonetization prevented corruption and reduced terrorist attacks [actual situation seems to offer no validation of that claim]

16) think about the soldiers, they are in the border sacrificing everything for you [what do they say, patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel, eh?]

17) what if BJP opposed these, it is not wrong to make a u-turn and implement these [without answering the question why it was opposed in the first place]

18) if these were all congress plans, why didn't you oppose them? [see point #1]

19) it is a trend now to oppose everything the government does [why oppose something which is good, and why shouldn't bad ideas be opposed?]

20) you have to support the government no matter what [as if that logic stopped BJP before 2013]

21) you're not in India, you shouldn't complain [yes, citizens lose their voice once they go outside the country]

22) you should go to India and say this and see what happens [ah, the hallmark of authoritarian regimes world over, veiled threats of violence]

23) you're anti-national [if opposing an authoritarian is being anti-national, decent human beings should be proud to wear that badge]