Thursday, March 10, 2005


Looks like bad luck doesn't come alone. Sify says it is india's no.1 internet service, my brown arse! I spend about 1.5 hours a day for my work in a nearby sify browsing centre. Yesterday, I left my files saved on a computer here and when I come back, all files except for html files and pdfs are missing. The guy here says when a session is closed, all pictures and zip files stored here are deleted!!! WTF!#(*$#

This is because some needly morons download naughty pictures and save them here for later viewing, so this is a precaution. I have no other choice but to accept what these idiots have to say here.

Apart from that, just going through my movie collection, listening to music and playing with my cousin's 1 year old baby during free time. Nothing much to do otherwise. They graciously let me sleep till afternoon here.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Costly affair

Heavy customisation and not joining the crowd can be a very costly affair as I recently found out. I wanted the security of windows 2000 just about a year back and removed XP for it. Now it has come to bite me in the back. Not only I have to download separate versions of software for it, I can't even use some games which my mother loved to play on my old win 98 machine. Now, after going for the only broadband ISP willing to give a connection to my home, I found out my system can't be used as it is. I have a lot of problems in my hands now after updating to windows XP (again). None of the administrative tools in control panel are available, there are problems with my TCP/IP settings, cannot use my old 56K modem, my new Cable modem, etc etc. They say I have to format my harddisk now and do a fresh installation of windows XP. The thing which I used to do for free now will cost me Rs 250 (discounted), and each CD that I write will cost me Rs 550 (!), I was robbed off of Rs 200 per CD last summer, when I had to recover my crashed harddisk. The 'tech' guys who came to 'install' broadband could not find out this problem after working for two days. Most of the time they were just refreshing the desktop as if it would do something magically. One guy who came today found out what the problem was. Why didn't they send him first? Now, they won't even give me a refund for unutilised unusable services. I stand to lose close to Rs 2000 just for finding out that standing out from the crowd is costly indeed! When will I realise any slight deviation in this country will leave you hanging?

Anyway, I will be leaving this city for the city said to be the main cause of AIDS in India, after spending a few days for my convocation in the place I called home for the last 2 years. People say I will spend close to Rs 10000 on house rent alone, a huge part of my salary.