Friday, March 03, 2006


Saw the movie The Crash last night. The main lesson is if you are good, you will suffer. Be a prick and you will get things done your way.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

What is democracy?

Democracy is criticizing someone for criticizing others who are exercising their rights.
Some Guy: "May be after protesting in the day time,they get back to call centers for work in the evening.LOL"
Today I was interviewed (sort of) by a friend.
Q: what do u think of this treaty
A: nuclear treaty?
Q: ya
A: they had treaties with nazi germany, thousands of south american countries, vietnam, laos, cambodia, iran, iraq, ...
now they have a treaty with india
Q: whats the adv banner u see in this link
iam seein incredible
A: i see
dude, they are based on your computer's IP number and cookies...
Q: ok
A: if you visit india news regularly, then you would be targeted that...
if you visit pakistan news regularly, you would be shown "where to buy assault rifles and rocket launchers"
Q: lol
A: sorry
Q: ipadi anupaathye

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Banned Chinese Search Terms

In the list of search terms banned in China, I am surprised India doesn't find a mention :o
Arunachal Pradesh (a little) and Aksai Chin in Kashmir ('gifted' by Pakistan to China) don't even find a mention. Isn't India worth much to China?

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Taxi Number 9211

This is the story of how seemingly unrelated events lead to people trying to kill each other. You know something like this will happen when the same scene is shown three times, from different perspectives. This was the earliest I had seen a movie, so soon after release - just a lag of one day (I must be growing up) Supposedly inspired by "Changing Lanes", maybe just the concept. Nice to watch, once.
You know the movie was nice, as the theatre was half empty. Bloody Indians, don't like good movies.
Sonali Kulkarni
"I play a completely sensuous wife. The whole world is going to feel like marrying me -- I can bet on that. Every man who watches the film will wish for a wife like that,"
I agree wholeheartedly with her :D