Friday, February 18, 2005

Ate what?

Probably 18+ or something to that effect :D

We were a bunch of 3 hillbillie and a hillbilliete sitting around and chatting. One hillbillie was a close friend of many hillbillietes which earned him the nickname of 'kishan kanhaiya' (KK), a nickname for krishna the playboy god. He is a lot on the plumper side.

The hillbilliete (FH) asks him where the girls were, and he must be feeling very alone now. Trying to be funny, I point to KK's tummy and said 'He ate them'. I realised my faux paus and bit my lip while the other hillbillie (OH) looks at me in disbelief and says 'what?' I grin at him and thought the discussion might be dropped. No, the tiny sentence I started got a life of its own, and FH & KK are having a discussion over which girl he ate first and who ate whom! She was saying out names and asking if he ate her!! I was biting my lips hard not to crack up, which is a very rare event. I look at OH and blurt out, 'I did not think of that when I said he ate her', he looks at me incredulously asks me, 'what did you not think of?'. 'That this will be a discussion topic'. He might have tried hard not to laugh, but cheekily says, 'exactly'. This may have been a very innocent talk as far as FH and KK are concerned, and that's how I meant it to be. Somewhere along the line, innocence lost out to the knowledge imparted by this big bad world.

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