Thursday, January 12, 2006

Smells Fishy!

First restaurant of the year 2006: 'Something Fishy' in Chakala, Andheri East.
It looked like a very costly place, and it was. Since the company was paying for it, I did not think twice before entering it. The ambience was good, and the service was good too. Tiger prawns and crabs for appetiser; Rice, Prawns Curry, and Pomfret Curry for main course. I feel bad I couldn't eat more. I had ordered dinner for me at home, but I had forgot about it. Had I remembered, I would have been influenced by 'Sunk Cost Fallacy' and gone home instead. My absent mindedness saved me from this irrational behaviour.
It was an experience, eating with a Director, and 2 VPs; and coming to know people thought of me as an arrogant bastard. In reality, I am a very amiable dude.
Wherever I go, I see some sticks of bamboo planted in a pot, even my office has one. They say if that grows well, you will get more money. All the plants I saw are thick and tall! They correlate, but can't say if it is the cause for India's economic boom right now.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Trainings rock! Unless, you are the one giving it. Either way, you get a day off from work, free lunch (who said there isn't one?), and 'skills' to put in your résumé! Little risk, as you are considered too valuable to kick out suddenly, and you might get some good work too!

Monday, January 09, 2006


Just another Moron . For people like these, secularism, communism, and atheism are synonumns - attacking Hindus, Hinduism, and anything remotelay related to Hinduism, and ignoring the wrongs of Muslims, Christians, and the British/Americans.
It wasn't Mao who said religion is the 'opium' of the masses (he did not even get the quote right).
Brinda didn't attack Ayurveda, but she attacked the use of bones in the medicines that guy prepared. I am not against that guy either - different people different strokes.
In his world, John Kerry attacking GWBush would mean Americans are not united and are betraying each other.