Tuesday, June 26, 2007

you are suffering for any disease :)............

This is a sight now very common even in Tamil Nadu - a bunch of northies travelling in a home-made caravan, selling very "powerful" medicines that can cure "all diseases". You can see one on road-side, in a black tent with a board explaining the cures - this is one such picture, very funny!!


You are suffering with any disease. Are not working
one your body. Because you are discourage. Lets come
to me and get and get healthy. Medicines were cured of
your disease we will take mony or gift from you. The
se are the diseases we are cured.
Gas trick, stomach pain, acidity, ulcer, urine unable
to come, stones are stored in the kidneys, heat, shankroid,
senses are weak. sugar, blood pressure, to be come
hypertension, lung diseases. 14 Types of diseases were
cured women diseases, white dots, egjima, skin diseases,
who become marriage and no childrens will be
ger childrens, phyles, liver diseases, elergy. t.b.
disease of lungs, all types of secret diseases
were cured from you, wee see the pulese and
give the exact medicines. First you have to check
the medicines and give the money.

To see the pulse fee 10 Rs.
The medicines will be provided by credit
if you are present govt. service certificate