Thursday, February 02, 2006


My bossman was coming late to the office for the last two or three months; he always told that his wife was not well, so I assumed she was sick for a long time. Yesterday, I happened to ask him about his wife, and after much reluctancy, he tells me they are expecting their a child! Due in two months!! His other minion knows, and I didn't know yet? That's it, from now on, instead of not working 5 hours a day, I will not work 6 hours!

(Nothing official about it)

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I have joined the secret service. Yesterday the bossman invites me for a fag and gives me an important assignment. I am now a team leader in his eyes, without the associated perqs, ofcourse. I now have to "manage" three people, but without them knowing that I am "managing" them as (he says) they will resent someone so junior "managing" them. O.o He also tells me I am responsible for their performance, but except us, no one else knows that, with nothing to show for. o.O

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Conservative City

I drafted this and let it rot for a long time, and since so many people are talking about it now, I thought maybe I too should vomit.

People are under the misapprehension that Chennai is a very conservative city. Actually, it is a highly hypocritical city (the whole state is). Unlike other cities, where everything happens in normal view, in Chennai, everything happens underground. In my vacation to my hometown, I found out a lot of things (due to me venturing out to certain places, where I've never gone before), that are inconsistent with this 'conservative city' tag.

Tamil Nadu has the highest incidence of AIDS in India - patient zero is supposed to be from Namakkal.
Tamil Nadu is the main source for eunuchs all over India.
Tamil Nadu might have low per-capita alcoholic liquor consumption numbers, but the profitability of manufacturers and sellers tell otherwise
Tamil Nadu has the highest number porn movies produced per head
Tamil Nadu is a top state in abortions - not just limited to female foetuses, but by underaged girls also.
If you believe the police statistics and newspaper numbers, TN has the highest number of prostitutes and gigolos.

Some people might think these are nothing, but I get my pants up in a bunch because these are the same people who jump up and down over the same things that they do in secret.

All data collected from some wellplaced sources :-| Maybe they could be misleading me, and I could be wrong, or could be bang on target. Maybe I am generalising based on a few stray incidents. Maybe I am trying to bury my head in the sand and say nothing of this sort happens.

Monday, January 30, 2006

I am what I eat

Don't you hate that saying? They tell that to prevent you from eating anything tasty. If you eat animals, you will become an animal yourself - bollocks!
If I want to be human, should I eat human beings?


Succumbed to pressure and watched this movie. Looks a lot like Lord of the Rings, The Wizard of Oz, and some other movies. They said it was a movie for kids, but saw only one 3 year old who did not let us watch the movie in peace. The only interesting point was when model Anupama Verma came to watch a movie in the high priced Cinemax. She didn't look that tall in person, but bustier :-)