Tuesday, April 21, 2009


While the should've-retired-by-now Thief Minister of Tamil Nadu has been flipping and flopping over the "Tamil Cause", the only Tamilian in the Sri Lankan cricket team is "happy to be among wickets," captaining Chennai Super Kings.

Why are those protesting in Europe simply termed as Tamils? Just because they speak the same language?? Going by the same logic, there are no Americans or Australians, only English, and no Austrians, only Germans.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Mobile Penetration - what changed in 4 months?

December 2008, Delhi supposedly joined the "elite" club of cities with more than 1 mobile phone for each person. Source: Economic Times. Chennai was not even mentioned as passing gas.
April 2009, it is 0.83 mobile phones per person. Chennai is "lauded" as the "topper", with 1.11 mobile phones per person. Source: Rediff.

What happened in these 4 months, that brought about this change - did those multi-phoned Delhi dudes move to the stagnant backwaters of Chennai?