Sunday, January 30, 2005


Being an unfettered donkey from a liberal college and what it seems a liberal high school as well, I was scared to death of b-schools and how life there would be, like this story here - I never got to know how the story ended. Finally, this place turned out to be slightly restrictive but not too much, except for the internet and no going out of campus at nights and vacations rule and some other academic rules.

We had someone sending in a couple of pretty disturbing blogs that talk about the 'life' in a certain place where one of my classmates studies. Looking at what happens there and discounting some, it looks like, grass looks greener on the other side and there must be no grass there.

The class mate in college who studies there came here a few months back, and brought stories of his 'escapades' with a foreign exchange student, a French girl. A blog talks about that incident, so, if he is not impersonating someone else, my belly burning has just increased 10 times; no, make that 25 times.

Ofcourse, they have banned downloading movies and accessing some stuff, the blogs talk about how even intranet data transfer is limited and a cap exists for it. Politics seems to rule the roost there and we have an effective democracy here. Not the kind of 'democracy' we had back in college, a daft punk for college president and the council only interested in making money on the side and getting a cellphone and an expense account during the college fest. More on this later.


Sonia Chawla said...

Hey reached here blog hopping and really liked what I saw. Am wondering whether the policing in IIMS is result of teh recent DPS/IIT -KGP controversy or has been something which has always been there?

Anyway visiting this (and another IIML link)does allow me to appreciate some of the freedom that comes as a part of the package at my place. Lets hope the clamp down on freedom is only temporal.

Vasanth said...

Monoj is that you who wrote the other blog about IIML?

Lumbergh-in-training said...

That blog was scary, and a lot of cribbing, but I did not write it. The only connections between me and that place are I gave an interview for that place, my college classmate studies there and some of its profs take class here. :)