Thursday, January 27, 2005

Net Nanny

Till a few days back, the speed of the internet here used to be what is best termed as crawling. Some (or many) guys downloading Porn movies and movies all the time, clogging up the big pipe that is brought in here. The IS guys must have got fed up with all the complaints and decided to set up a net nanny software in the central server and closed all ports except one. The beauty of this software is that it filters out anything it deems offensive and all multimedia files.

My class group's photo album is not visible because it has a substring 'girl' in it, the photos uploaded by the girls in my class. Yesterday, when I got overly nostalgic and started searching for a famous tv program that I watched as a kid, 'Ek Do Teen Char', loosely based on Enid Blyton's Famous Five series or Secret Seven. It was blocked because it had 'teen' in the search string. So are URLs that have mp3 in it and some (not all) that have the word 'sex' in it. So does a search for 'rotten vegetables' Apparently this measure is to block pornographic content and prevent clogging up of bandwidth due to downloading music or audio/video files.

The beauty of information flow is that these blocks are just a log around which ants find a path. I have already cracked it just for the heck of it, not in the contemporary sense of hacking, a bad bad word, used by stupidly idiotic movie morons and media block-heads who write ludicrous reports on 'hackers' without an inkling of knowledge of what they are writing about. All without using a naughty word in English that would be filtered, by the best professional software that is available. Muhahaha Muhahaha Muhahaha! (EVIL LAUGH) is a website dedicated just for this. Many strict filters are available on its filters page.

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