Saturday, January 29, 2005

Google, Gooble, Booble, blush

Are you tired of google's plain interface? In typical nerd tradition, geeks have come up with boogle, google with quotes, the use of which I don't know.
G00g13 is the hacker version of Google, goes to a sub-directory in itself.
If your left bicep is like a 6th grader and your right bicep is like Arnold Schwarzenegger, (vice versa, if you are left handed) booble is built just for you ;)
If you wan't to ask someone who will find it out for you, try foogle. It is sort of an online-offline search engine. Leave your queries here and check back later. My uncle used to talk about punched cards and mainframes and overnight processing, this must be the 21st century version of it.
Oggle is a snoop cam dealer, in the UK, so it goes to
Ogle looks like a 3-D Art and Animation website.

(First posted on my pseudo-tech page, Manotechnology)


Govar said...

The other differrence being Google loads in 2 secs, and others take a little more than 2 mins!

Amit Agarwal said...

Try the Google Mirror.

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