Tuesday, February 01, 2005

naughty websites and pictures

Just a few minutes back, I was waiting at the printer for my print to come out when this printout of the page of a web forum came out. The title was captivating (something on the lines of) - 'Aishwaraya Rai Nude pictures'. There were no pictures in it but it did tell how to get those pictures. Frankly, my dear! I don't give a rat's ass to who visits what websites. But then, I had to laugh at it. Must've pressed the print button accidentally. The name was innocuous enough to pass through the rudimentary internet filter, which blocks only the urls.

Just a few hours back, a certain person who named himself after a fruit and kid, asked me how to 'bypass the proxy server', after looking at this post on internet filtering software.

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Anonymous said...

Yo...i see more 'porn' in your writings than what is actually being done by your collegemates..BEWARE