Friday, February 04, 2005

I gave you something, so I own you

There is almost a fortnight remaining before graduation and every senior hillbilly is busy burning CDs of movies available in the LAN to take home. Your's truly isn't spared either. I saw this guys have a couple of CDs and I ask him to lend it to me so I can burn it. This guy agress reluctantly and gave them a few days back. But, the CD drive in my comp is shot and have to rely on others for etching CDs. After two whole days, I burn it but forgot to give it to him promptly, which he reminded me whenever he saw me. Not believing in me that I would return it, he asks a mutual friend to collect it and give it to him. OK, the CDs are transferred to that mutual friend, but him asking for them doesn't stop. After a couple of days, he still asks me in an irritated tone when I was going to return them, and I equally irritated remind him of the fact that he asked that friend to get them from me.

Today afternoon, I saw an Austin Powers CD with that friend and wanted to get it too. He agrees saying that he will give it to me which I can burn when he was in class. I agree and promptly go to sleep (too bad, eh?) The friend and the guy come to my room in the evening and ask me for the CD, which I said will return tomorrow.

Cut back to midnight and the guy sees me in the mess. He is sitting with an gal and two other guys chewing the paratta. The conversation goes on something like this

G: (very bad tone) when are you going to return the CDs, remember when you took them?
M: Do you remember what happened this afternoon? You came with (the friend)...
G: (quickly) No, not those CDs, the other one - the Austin Powers one, you took it a long time back...
M: I got them this afternoon!
G: You must atleast have told him that you are taking the CDs, he doesn't know that you took it
M: Look, just because you gave me some CDs can't think you can bluff around like this... Did the friend tell you that he didn't know that?
G: Yeah, he told me
M: Bullshit... (or some other word), look, I have your CD doesn't mean you can bullshit like this...
G: You could have burnt the CDs this afternoon, give it to me tomorrow..
M: Before I could say anything, the conversation was over as the other three people got up to leave and he quickly joined them

In an unrelated event, corporatedom scored one over hippiedom when I had to crop my luscious long hippie hair short for the upcoming interviews. This could be the end of afternoon siestas and latenight solitaire and many other things.