Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Movie Idiots

Movies make fun of everything and everyone who is different from 'normal', that is the 'hero'. Everybody is a caricature, except the 'normal' people in it. Something serious? make tons of fun of it. Disabled? fair game! mentally ill? it is either someone who is violent or someone who is the nuttiest person, doing things that will never happen in real life, ever. When they say the movie reflects reality, it reflects the 'reality' that happens in bizarro world, inside their demented little minds. They give people want they want, they say. Bullshit, I say, that's not what I want! They think what idiots like them want is what the 'public' want. If we want something better, something classy, we are ridiculed by these nit wits as 'elitist' and 'snobbish'. That is one reason why I don't watch Tamil movies. Oooh, the guy in Ratchagan is 'patriotic', that chimp simbu is the 'next superstar', everybody lead their lives as seen in '7G Rainbow Colony' because some drooling duffer called Selvaraghavan says so, the pathetic dorks you see in Boys are exactly how the college kids in Chennai behave. Really, cinema reflects the society! If you think so, kiss my chocolate arse. After that, go sing a duet in the rain with your girlfriend. Where else in this universe can you copy a 'poreen sinima' and butcher it worse than a McDonald's slaughterhouse than India, Tamil Nadu in specific? Of course Sivaji and Rajnikanth are larger than life, so were the droppings of dinosaurs. If you disagree with whatever I say, you can go eat that.

One guy puts them in a forum where they have to pick the worst Tamil movie

i'm a little hesitant to list my pick of worst movies.. coz..

1. i'll have to admit that i saw them in the first place !
2. there are too many to choose from !
3. i would prefer to be an optimist (and make it easier for myself) by listing the GOOD movies..

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