Friday, October 29, 2004


My weekend is shot. Originally I had nothing scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. I had planned to rest nursing a very painful left shoulder and arm for the last two days. I could barely sit in the class today. A Mid-day email from the office comes informing me that three classes tomorrow and two classes the day after. Four classes from a tech-savvy prof who wants to submit a case analysis before every class, by email. The last two days, though tight, were very interesting. This marketing/advertising guy likes teaching and was telling some of his experiences in the class. One story made me sit upright.

He was talking about brand personality and such stuff. He said that one very famous retail chain, while professing superior customer relationship management, had misspelled his name in over 30 letters they sent him. He compared this to his experience with the English Cricket Board; they had actually kept track of him watching a few cricket matches during the World Cup in England and informed him about upcoming events there.

Coincidentally, the same story was told by atleast one other marketing/advertising guy who also like teaching (or was it a marketing/advertising professor?), with another company and the same ECB. Maybe this was mere coincidence and they both had indeed had similar experiences, considering the propensity of marketing guys to travel far and wide.

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