Monday, October 25, 2004

Mail delivery failed

Mail delivery failed: returning message to senderThis message was created automatically by mail delivery software

I used to see this kind of emails coming to my work account every day, around 10 on an average at its peak. It also had an attachment, with a doc.pif extension. My IS dept guys used to tell me it was some kind of virus in the mailserver, trying to send emails as me. Today, I received one such email on Gmail, the first for me. Is it virus in Gmail server? or spoofing going on somewhere else? Maybe even Gmail is vulnerable, after all!

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Anonymous said...

i dont think its a problem with gmail or your IS server. someone is using your email id to send mail to a non-existent email id (smtp being an open protocol and blah blah blah), when it bounces i think it ends up in your inbox coz it thinks you sent it.