Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Britcoms Rule!

I love British comedy programmes. The current bunch of American comedies, if you may call them so, are pathetic. Even the much heralded Seinfeld, and Friends, are nothing when compared to Benny Hill. Only Whose Line Is It Anyway is funny, though it is copied from the British version. Even then, the people who were loads funny in the British version are not as funny here. Britcoms are not like the slapstick variety of humour contained in Friends or Seinfeld.

The first comedy I ever loved was Carry On England. From then, I have made it a point to sit before the TV whenever a Carry On movie was aired. The whole series of 'Carry On' movies was phenomenal. Then there was 'mind your language', a brilliant piece if I have ever seen one. I had heard about Monty Python in college, and did not get a chance to see it till a few months back. I was bowled over by the genius of that group. Life of Brian is undoubtedly their best work, followed by the Quest For Holy Grail. I laughed my ass off at ‘Romanes Eunt Domus’ and ‘Bigus Dickus’. As soon as the movie ended, I started my quest for Monty Python Skits. They are fabulous, even though the ending of their skits are corny. Even 'Allo 'Allo was amusing, way funnier than Friends. I still laugh at the Benny Hill Chase at the end of his programs, funny as hell!

Then suddenly something happened to british comedy? They are a pale shadow of what they were 2 decades back. The current shows like The Office are funny but pale in comparison to ‘Only Fools And Horses’.

Some of the britcoms have been copied to Hindi, like Yes Minister (later Yes Prime Minister), and Mind Your Language. But a part of that comedy thing is lost in the translation. The TV channels here don't air britcoms but thanks to kazaa, and the kind souls who grab the videos and post them on the net, I can include a steady supply of humour. Ali G and his hilarious alter-ego Borat show what quite witty too.
http://britcoms.com/ is a good place to visit to know about britcoms. Blessed are those who share their videos or has forgotten to password protect their directories. Yeah, Britcoms Rule!!!

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