Thursday, October 28, 2004

Report & presentation

A small 2 page report takes me almost 2 hours to complete... am I working too slow? The break up is 1 hour of data 'collection' (too much distraction at this point), 30 - 45 minutes of tap-tap-tap in MS Word (lot of 'thinking' involved in this place), and 10 - 15 minutes of copy-paste-format from MS Word to MS Powerpoint. Now, what background do I put is the next important question! All done, not very bad. Now, for the printouts. Climb up one flight, walk a few metres, there you are...

Damn, the printer won't take paper automatically from the bulk tray, have to feed manually or direct it for each print job. Backlogs of prints given upto 2 hours back has to be cleared first... They know you have to be there to print it, why do you even bother to give a print job? Most of these jobs won't be collected even after a month. Yeah, someone like me would finish them all and find out the paper has run out *just* before mine is started. Ok, load the tray, select tray, work done. Happy days are here again.

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