Thursday, October 28, 2004


This is my first attempt at photography, especially sceneries. My friend had given me his digital camera and I am practicing shots with it. Yesterday I woke up too early and was roaming in the terrace when the dawning sky captivated me. I ran down, brought camera and took about 5 shots of the sky. I like this one. Doesn't it look like found in a professional site? :D

Thanks to this great site called, I can host as much photos as I want, without bothering about the bandwidth or server space.

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`m said...

Nice pic.
(But let's get to the point shall we? :P~)
How do you do the oh-so-cool-and-high-tech-and-totally-beyond-my-limited-technological-capabilities-'thing' of documenting how many times one's blog has been viewed.
(I'm new to this so bear with me - Please?)

*points to your 'profile'*
When I click on it, there's a little box on the left that tells me your blogging stats and how many times your blog's been viewed.
How can I do that to my blog?

* smiles her widest smile (the one that my mom thinks makes me look scary, but screw that) :P~ *

A reply would be much appreciated.

Thankus Muchus (Not funny? I don't care. :P~)