Sunday, October 31, 2004

Booth Capturing: India vs USA

Booth Capturing, Indian style:

Modus Operandi: Goons belonging to one party rush into the voting booth, kick out the legitimate voters; sometimes in collusion with the election officials, sometimes kicking them out too; punch in votes for their party candidate, stuff the ballot box, go away.
Result: death of voters ranges from 0 to a few dozens, wide news coverage, that party's candidate gains overwhelmingly from that booth, sometimes re-polling ordered

Booth Capturing, American style:

Modus Operandi: Get a company sympathetic to your party (always Republican party?) to make the software and/or hardware for the election and rig the voting machines such that whomever the voters vote for, only Bush/Cheny gets the vote.

Result: no deaths, minimal news coverage, that party's candidate wins, re-counting ordered, Supreme Court of USA declares GWBush won.

This has been reported even in As always, the people at have avoided boycott by Republican internet users, by downplaying and advising the voters to be cautious.

With inputs from friends in the USA, and the internet.

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SO NOVICE OF YOU TO WRITE SUCH THINGS..get proper information,analyze and write something USEFUL...