Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Radio in Chennai

This places seems to be very famous with spammers :-( Anyways, I have been listening to the radio for the last 2months in Chennai. Chennai has sort of become a pioneer, but not for the usual reasons. Till a few years back, before I left this place, radio was heavily censored for "vulgar" content - only the clean version of any song was played, even words that can have a political meaning were blanked or bleeped out. But, I have noticed that the explicit version of the songs are played - using words that mean various things from dangly bits to synonymns for copulation, and various nicknames for the females. I don't know how no one is saying anything.
When I came back, I noticed many billboards around my house (which happens to be close to a women's college and school) advertising a female contraceptive "Miss-Take" The ad showed a happy female hugging a male with his face hidden. The next week, there was a report on Kumudam Reporter (or Nakkeeran, who knows, all these mags seem the same) about how Miss-take is "encouraging teenagers to make mistakes" (clever wordplay, huh?) I was expecting this sort of a thing and wanted to take a photo of the boards, but it was too late. I didn't make the connection between the position of the billboards (4 of them) and the college/school (which I now think were the target audience ;) But I noticed the prepare to get assaulted billboard featured here (Conservative City) with the manly part covered, was still up (the board I mean) with the part still covered. This board is in Loyola College, and Loyola College is one of those straight-laced Christian run colleges!


Ponniyinselvan said...

your previous post[boring life] really fits the date and my state of mind.i feel exhausted.an emptiness.a wish to get lost.

Ponniyinselvan said...

i am karthik amma[kuchi]i am writing his biography.i am gathering materials for that.i request you guys to supply.you may ask me"U being the mother must know better than us.".but he might not have disclosed everything to me.for example,i had some reservations against eating pizza,burger etc.so he might not have told me that he had pizza as dinner[not that he should lie to cheat me , but to be careful not to depress me.]Like that he might not have revealed his ideas,feelings,ambitions to me,which he would have shared with you definitely.Please share that with me.
karthik amma

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