Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Then and Now

I had read Ayn Rand's Fountainhead when I was in college, my dad's colleage gave it to me. I didn't like the book - it was just like any other "romance" "novel" read by chicks. I didnt know about Ayn Rand at that time, she is supposedly a great author and a beacon for atheists and some sort of free-market enthusiasts everywhere. All my b-school aspirant buddies and most of my b-school buddies rave about her. Now I read that book again and still couldn't find it interesting. Now I know she is a famous author, so am I supposed to like her? Like her, because she is famous and liked by others?


Govar said...

Romantic chic novel eh? Holy geez! It's the super book that could get your thinking cells started! I personally don't go by her stand, but i loved the book coz I started reading big time about capitalism, communism, facsism, marxism, leninism and everything in between. Those books just made me more mature.

And of course, you are entitled to have your own opinion. So if you dont like it, you dont like it. :)

Lumbergh-in-training said...

"of course, you are entitled to have your own opinion"
that's a nice way of saying "your opinion has merit, but it doesn't have weight"

the other Manojar said...

You must be a gay.

Marutham said...


I have heard of this author but have never tried any of her books. And with ur view abt liking ppl- although u dnt like them actually - but u know there a huge crowd liking them & are great fan....Hm..I have had the same thot...
But mostly- have managed to ignore t image/view i percieved from friends & FOF's . :) But i do consider them.

Jeevan said...

Dear Manoj


Let all your wishes comes alive:)