Friday, September 16, 2005

Management Lessons

Never start work on a friday, especially when the person
a) comes in at 10 am and leaves sharp at 5 pm, even when the office hours are 9 to 5, and you say the job is critical. Never mind the loss to the company when the website is down for the weekend. It is weekend in India, but still 3/4ths of a day is left in US/Europe
b) doesn't work unless you sit with him, has to be spoonfed in such a way that if you were doing the work yourself, you would be doing it faster, but he has three-times more 'experience' than you
c) is a web designer but has trouble using a WYSIWIG editor, knows not even basic HTML/Javascript, but disagrees with every bloody thing you say
d) with his 'experience' asks 'how?' when another guy, a newbie, does it without thinking
e) is in the payroll of a company but does freelance work at company hours
f) everybody else cribs about him to you, even your boss' minion

Start the work under such conditions, only if you don't have a personal life and/or can't afford to let the company website go down for even a minute AND you are willing to write off your weekend for this.


Adaengappa !! said...

Take life as it comes !!

ME DO !!

jammy said...

You sound like a techie...yet give us management lessons? Whats the trick?

cartik2k said...

hey buddy be cool ,,, i am getting both physical and mental torture ...i have to run a lot in the Project are...then every day in the morning my boss call me and ask abut the porject and simpky screw me up .. so atleast in that matter u are safe...

so u need to just chill ,