Tuesday, September 13, 2005

This Week Starts On Tuesday

Monday has been rescheduled - because of the non-stop drizzles! The 'stoic' people of this city panic everytime it gets wet, all due to one small rainy day. Now, I have to work this Saturday. Not everything has been going on well this week, starting today. Some work has been pending for so long that I forgot what I am supposed to do. I can't go ask my boss because I am supposed to be a brilliant guy who needn't be told things twice. I haven't found a flat-mate yet, and that doubles my cost of living here. But that appears to be the cost of avoiding a crazy flatmate. Most importantly, the old flatmate is not selling me his TV. I am afraid I might go insane.


KARY said...

Buddy, A small suggestion. Please change your background. I am not able to read anything. Thanks!

Jeevan said...

thanks to change u r background, u will get a good flat-mate soon.