Thursday, September 15, 2005

The forgotten one

September 14th: I am seriously pissed off. This was the seventh time in a row I have been left out of client meetings. Neither did my boss inform me, nor did his first minion, who got some documents from me for the meeting. It had been running for over two hours when I found out about the meeting. I opened the room, just looked at the minion, and walked out.

September 15th: I asked the boss about the client meeting. He casually says the meeting came up at the last minute, and he just 'forgot'. Just like I was forgotten when there was another meeting at the conference room right next to where I was sitting. I ask about another one and he tells me there is one tomorrow and he will send me an 'lotus notes invite'. After 10 hours, I was still waiting for it. My flatmate moving out refused to sell me his 14" TV. I went ahead and bought a 21" flatscreen. The sound is amazing and they look very big compared to the old one. Just about one year back it was priced at Rs. 20000, and now I got it for Rs. 9000. That happens to my first big-ticket purchase. The sweet smell of economic freedom!

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