Monday, September 19, 2005

Psycho Finance person

[Antione Bechara], an associate professor of neurology at the University of Iowa, said the best stock market investors might plausibly be called "functional psychopaths."
I know atleast one person in this company, and atleast ten people in my b-school, who I thought could be somewhat crazy. This study just proves my hypotheses right :) I feel the same way about the accountant lady too.
The result was those with brain damage outperformed those without.
Maybe this is why I am so afraid of the sharemarket.
Fellow author, Baba Shiv of Stanford Graduate School of Business said many company chiefs and top lawyers may also show they share the same trait.
Interesting, a study was made about a year back by Discovery (Channel) on Psycho Bosses. Does this mean I can't be a successful boss?


Anonymous said...

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sarah the great and wise said...

You could always “fall” off of something tall and “accidentally” hit your cranium.

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pm said...

Correct me if I am wrong there, but in well functioning markets, if the sample you are surveying is sufficiently large (I think even 50 is a good number), more risk invariably brings more (mean)return.

So, is it any surprise that people with diminished risk assessing capabilities or people who dont' care too much about the future (to worry about risks) make more money on an average than others?