Sunday, May 01, 2005


Yesterday was a slow day. Woke up at 4 pm, got ready for a get together at 5 am. Turns out to be one guy's birthday. Went to Juhu chowpatty. Saw a lot of 'couples' sitting at the end of the beach and 'doing some stuff.' Then, waited for this guy nicknamed 'kid' to meet us up, for over 45 minutes. Then, went to this supposedy Italian restaurant in 7 Bungalows area. Got the best pizza I've ever eaten - with sausage and chicken. Chain restaurants like pizza hut or pizza corner or domino's can't even stand before that quaint little restaurant. Also served my favourite dish - fish an chips, but was not as good.

Today, started early to go to a redlight area nearby, as a part of an AIDS awareness campaign conducted by an NGO. Was warned that I would become queasy about that place - supposed to be very dirty and filthy. It was just like another slum in Mumbai and another low income area in Chennai. A lot of first times for me today - visited the first police outpost/station in my life (to get permission to conduct that program), entered the first proper slum, the first red light area, first time in Eastern Bombay. I don't know why such areas are called red light areas, did not see a single red light anywhere, I wonder if there are proper lights atleast. Also did not see muchw women, but a lot of eunuchs. Distributed a lot of condoms and soaps. They tell me that many men in Mumbai actually prefer eunuchs to women. Was interviewed by an afternoon paper which comes out in the morning (again, first). This will be first time for a newspaper, but had made a radio appearance on my last day in Chennai.

Still got half a day before me to kill.


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