Monday, May 02, 2005

A Wedding

One member of the tiny marketing team is on a 2-week holiday for his wedding that was yesterday. As the size was effectively reduced by 1/3rd, looks like I have some more work or 'opportunities to prove myself.' 6 of us from the office went there squeezed into a tiny car, but reached there. It took us 50 minutes to travel a distance of 4 kilometres and they said the traffic was moderate! The reception was not much different from a Tamil wedding, except the saris had more gold than a tiny gold mine and there was a buffet instead of a long line of banana leafs. The people I went with joked a lot about eating a mountain but the reality was different – they made me look gluttonous in comparison, and I had only one round at the table.

A lot of my b-school classmates are getting married (in a hurry), WHY?

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