Friday, April 29, 2005

Disgusting Morons

Today from morning till now, my sights and senses have been assaulted
by uncouth idiots (sex no bar) who have been doing disgusting things
all day.
The first thing I see every morning at the bus stop is the guy who
keeps ice blocks to be used in juices and cool drinks covered with a
dirty sack over a gutter, which has frothing dirty water.
Today I went to the washroom in the office and there I see one filthy
bugger come out of the toilet and went out without washing his hands.
Next, I come out and see one guy who just cleaned his nose reach out
and shake the hand of another guy. In the evening, I come to the bus
stop and was very unfortunate to stand behind this moron who was
coughing all the time, spewing water particles over the ladies standing
next to him and in front of him. Not only that, he hacks and spits all
over the place in the bus stop. I get into the same bus with him and I
go to the far end from where he is standing. More misfortune - I sit
next to a dog who digs his nose upto his knuckles and uses the same
hand to hand over the cash to the conductor. I have seen similar things
even in my 'prestigious b-school.' I was made to sit next to this moron
who kept on digging his nose, for one full year. If that was bad, the
guy sitting left and behind me had the habit of doing the same but I
always gagged when I saw him have a 'little snack' after that.
This is not just in Mumbai, even my room mates do it, but not such
things. They constantly take the glass from the rack, wipe the bottom
on their shirt and dunk the whole thing into the container of boiled
water. So much hygiene that I reheat some water and store it in a
bottle, for myself.


Adaengappa !! said...

Thank god for you are ALIVE !!
Dont complain..

Btw,y u waana watch what others do.."Summa sivane irukavendiyathu thaane "

Ponniyinselvan said...

Dude, You r no longer Lumberg-in-training! Update ur nickname :)

Lumbergh-in-training said...

Brother Ponniyinselvan, I have atleast 15 years to become Lumbergh, the greatest Vice President of a company in history. I am just starting as Stef Murky, but still Lumgergh in Training.