Wednesday, May 04, 2005


About a month back, I tried to get a broadband connection with Iqara. The sales guy told me to get what he thought would be correct for me. I did sign up with them and paid them Rs 1702. They could not configure my computer, and they told me to first 'upgrade' from Windows 2000 to windows XP, then to XP SP2, install windows 98 in a separate partition, format my harddisk and reinstall both 98 and XP. I was tired of everything and I just wanted my money back for the services not used. I knew I would not get back the installation charges and modem rent for the first month, but I expected atleast 1/3rd of the money back. Repeated calls to the salesman went unanswered, he never picked up his mobile phone, his 'friend' picking up to say he has gone on a vacation, etc. Even the sales manager said he would not return any of my money. They thought they could con me out of it, but they forgot one thing - I had their new cable modem worth Rs. 5000. My mom and I were to shift to different cities at the same time - she would be going to stay with my dad and I would be in this big, bad city. So, I conveniently 'forgot to return it' while moving out. After more than a month now, they have refunded me the whole amount, signed by the same sales manager who told it is not their company policy to refund completely. Ah! Sweet victory. Now, how do I return the modem to them?

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