Sunday, March 20, 2005

Back... 2

Last night, all the boozers had a party on the terrace of the mess, liquor flowing all around. Today, it is a formal party organised by the cultural committee, complete with this 'DJ' and mock tattoos (mocktoos?). Picks some good songs (playing Hotel California right now), but spoils them by trying to sing along (shudder) with his glass powder voice. I am not putting him down, gotta appreciate his effort though.

Some things never change though, like the cleaning guy who 'demands' a 'gift' because I am going to work now and will start earning. I just smiled at the beggar's insolence. Idiot!

Earlier this afternoon, I overheard two 'managers' having a discussion over whether actor Shakthi Kapoor's entrapment was 'ethical' or not. They seemed to think the whole sting was 'unethical' and what he does behind closed doors should be protected by 'privacy laws'. This comes from the mouths of people who seem to think taking pictures of 'nubile' females without their knowledge with cellphone cameras is not invasion of privacy, and spend hours debating Kareena Kapoor kissing her amour not to mention spending hours to download spycam videos, or trawling matrimonial websites for wallpapers.

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