Saturday, March 26, 2005

Aamchi Mumbai

My trip back to Mumbai started with a creepy train journey. Had to share a cabin with a 'US Return' Gujju family. That was not the creepy part, it comes later, towards the end of the journey. This guy has come back to India searching for an 'Indian girl'. No Indian Girls in USA? What he said was funny or something like that. He said Indian girls in USA (hereby referred to as AI girls) have no respect for their parents, much less than respect their husband's parents. He told he could have chosen from three girlfriends! One which broke her engagement to be with this guy. All three invariably said his parents were trash and when he was going to move the trash out. So, he wanted a truly Indian Girl who will become the perfect housewife. I remember reading somewhere how these girls become battered housewives after going to the USA (or UK or wherever). Now the creepy part, at the end of the journey, in the morning, I went to the toilet to relieve myself and was washing when the door suddenly opened. Bloody faulty latches on bloody Indian trains. Standing outside was a Muslim lady about 45 years old. Instead of closing the door and going away, she just kept staring at me and gave me the creeps (me with my pants around my knees). I am pretty sure I was not overexposed. I closed the door and later, when I came out and crossed her in the gangway, she gave me a smile which creeped me even further. Thankfully, my station came and I got down.

Now, I am staying with my father's 'friend' who doesn't want me there and my search for a house still not ending yet. Moreover, looks like some communication gap and my joining date has been pushed to 1st of april now. A very tiny team in this job, and I am one of the three (including my boss) looking after marketing. Whoa!

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Harish said...

How did you even guess her age to be 45ish?? :) good luck though on ur job thing